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  • Stem Cell Therapy and Genetic Test

  • CELL ANALYSIS, treatment in an individual way based on those cellular failures.

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  • Medical and Biological Treatments

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  • Nanothermia Method, advanced deep Hyperthermia

Cellumed High Clinic

Therapies for the treatment and quick removal of pain using homeopathy and viscosupplementation.
Therapies using autologous mother cells, extracted from the same patient under local anaesthesia and infiltrated during the this intervention.
The latest in technology.
Outpatient surgical operations (not requiring hospitalization) and also inpatient operations in pre-arranged hospital.
Care provided by multidisciplinary team.
Personalised attention
Ethical behaviour
Good medical results.
Prompt attention


Our medical service is also valued for its speed and efficiency, maintaining the highest medical guarantees. Our specialities are as follows:
Arthroscopic surgery of the shoulder, knee, elbow, hip and ankle joints
Treatment of the meniscus and cartilage lesions Plastic surgery of the crossed ligaments of the knee
Treatment of shoulder instability and pathology of the rotating cuff
Lesions of the ankle cartilages, chronic instability
Muscular lesions and tendinopathies in sportsmen and women
Hand surgery:
Treatment of the rheumatic hand
Wrist and carpal arthrodesis
Carpal tunnel syndrome, pathology of tendons and tumoursl
Foot surgery:
Percutaneous surgery of the foot
Arthrodesis of the foot
Plasma Rich in Growth Factors (PRGF) Growth factors are proteins that play a key role in the process of repair and regeneration of the tissues. Their therapeutic use stimulates and accelerates the process of healing and tissue regeneration.
Osteopathy. The manual technique the objective of which is to re-establish lost mobility and give equilibrium to the musculoskeletal, visceral and craniosacral systems, maintaining the elasticity of the connective tissue in all the systems, which have been altered by sedentary habits, bad positions, severe efforts, stress, etc.
Podiatry: the study of the foot.
Rehabilitation carried out by physiotherapists and the use of specific apparatus .
Protocol for rehabilitation therapy and treatment.
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