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  • Stem Cell Therapy and Genetic Test

  • CELL ANALYSIS, treatment in an individual way based on those cellular failures.

  • ¡We evaluate your case without any cost (2º opinion)

  • Medical and Biological Treatments

  • Aesthetic Medicine and treatments.Free Consultation

  • Nanothermia Method, advanced deep Hyperthermia

Cellumed High Clinic
second medical opinion free of cost We will offer you an evaluation free of cost We evaluate your case without any cost to you and no commitment whatsoever In Cellumed Clinic we are concerned about your health. Our Clinic makes available to its patients an evaluation of their case WITH NO COST NOR COMMITMENT OF ANY TYPE, you can send us the reports and results of your medical tests both in your personal case as well as those of a relative or close friend in order for our medical team to evaluate your case. We carry out an in-depth study of the entire medical record.

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