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Cellumed High Clinic
Our wish is to be able to offer a special place in order to create a therapeutic environment where Science in harmony with the biological equilibrium of the body, become the best way to treat health, combining traditional treatments with most of the most avant-garde medical innovations and all done under a holistic focus, avoiding secondary effects. Based on a diagnosis done beforehand and thanks to highly qualified professionals in the different specialities, we offer personalized treatments that take into account the person and the disease as a totality. A point of view based on four aspects of the human being: bio-chemical, skeleto-muscular, energetic and psycho-emotional. Health is not simply the absence of disease. In our clinic we not only treat the symptoms of a disease, we do so by means of understanding the causes in order to find recovery (Global Health) in the widest meaning of the term. Our goal is to bring back a healthy state, vitality and well-being.
Cellular Blood test

 Cellumed Clinic " Searching for the source"... "We cannot isolate the pathology from the source and there are no two patients that are the same“ this is the base of our success, our goal being not only recovery now but also prevention and avoidance of recurrences. For this reason, one of our main standbys is the study of cells by means of advanced microscopic study. 

What is the difference between a personalized treatment and general treatment? Before a disease manifests itself, in the prior phase, where the degenerative process starts, this takes place in the cells of the patient. As we are able to discover the disfunctionality that there is inside the organism, each patient is treated differently, offering a made to order treatment according to the morphological analysis of a blood sample. The technique of cellular microscopics reveals anything that could be encouraging or starting the disease
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