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Cellumed High Clinic
Cellumed Clinic  performs stem cells extractions and implants , these are regenerative and are extracted from the patient fat in an autologous way for plastic surgery and for illnesses , muscular dystrophy, regeneration of either bones or cartilages from the locomotive system...etc.
Our medical  team have different techniques of stem cell regeneration, depending on the patient's pathology.

 Extracting the cells from the bone marrow of the calcaneus (heel, processing them and them implanting them in the patient in an autologous way during the surgery with only local anesthesia, leaving behind the old techniques of bone marrow from the iliac blade or from the umbilical cord, which require a slower process and in many cases and depending on the donor it could cause a rejection and the number of regenerative Stem Cells obtained might not be enough.

Before performing this type of surgeries, we carry out a cellular analysis (see Cellular Medicine section) in order to establish any cells failure which could be preventing the surgery success, then we immediately proceed to apply the necessary protocols to repair the damages. On the other hand our medical team makes every time sure to make compatible the temperature, ph and electric potential in order to make it identical to the donate area (i.e. the parameters of the bone marrow being identical to those from the knees.

Main Benefits: 
*Our method has suppressed discomfort and hours of hospitalization compared to previous ones.
*It does not involve any hassle.
*It provides sufficient regenerative adult stem cells.
*It is performed under local anesthesia, and the patient can go on their own feet without any recovery.
*Stem cells extracted or regenerative, quickly adapt to the area that is implanted, allowing rapid regeneration of damaged tissues, modulating inflammatory processes and organizing blood supply.
*This therapy has no medical or legal contraindications, and does not imply an ethical or moral issue since they are not embryonic cells, but own cells, adult and subject to minimal manipulation as it is done Autologous and in the same surgical procedure.

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