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Cellumed High Clinic
This means keeping optimal health and treating diseases by varying the concentrations of substances that are present in the organism and which are necessary for good health. This is how Linus Pauling introduced and coined the term. He was Nobel Prize winner in 1954 of Chemistry and 1963 Nobel Peace Prize. A revolutionary concept of ortho-molecular nutrition known in the United States for over thirty years. Biochemical treatment improves the organism by means of supplements, supplying the vital flow that nourishes each organ, system and cell forming our body.

Searching for a balance
Through the vitamins, amino-acids, minerals, trace minerals, enzymes, fatty acids and phytonutrients, etc., we correct cell failures reestablishing bio-chemical balance which is an indispensible requirement for integral health. Ortho-molecular nutrition science teaches us how to reestablish health of a person who is unwell by adjusting the diet and nutrients to the “biochemical singularity” of each subject. Ortho-molecular nutrition which is the term for therapeutic nutritional supplementation is therefore the spear head in the battle against disease. The ideal thing is to carry out this nutrition and supplementation once the deficits are detected, lackings or excesses in the patient. In our CMH Cellumed Clinic we recommend cellular microscopics as an essential tool in order to be able to offer individualised counseling. We have verified after years of experience how the inner state of the organism changes positively by means of suitable supplementation by doing before and after tests.Ortho-molecular nutrition is a holistic therapy, this means that it considers the body as a totality and each of its processes as interrelated. In other words, a specific nutrient is not recommended for a certain problem, but rather the focus is oriented to the function of the body and all its systems in general. In order for the therapy to be truly effective, it is necessary to make sure in the first place that the nutrients are absorbed through the gut wall and second that they reach the core of the cells and organs where they are needed most. The organism will begin to improve progressively and operate correctly with a suitable level of the nutrients it needs to form hormones,enzymes, prostagladins, anti-bodies and many other substances. An organism that has all the necessary elements available in order to carry out its functions correctly, will be able to de-toxify itself, regenerate and re-establish an optimal health state that is both physical and mental.

cell analysis
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