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Cellumed High Clinic

Cellumed Clinic applies the most pioneering and innovative treatments, revolutionising the world of regenerative medicine and cellular surgery with its stem cell treatments. 
Dr.Martinez and our international Team of Neurosurgeons brings to your doorstep the most advanced therapies for the surgical treatment of neurological pathology in both adult and paediatric patients. 
Neuro-Oncology, Decompressive and Prosthetic Spinal Surgery, Peripheral nerve Surgery, Neurovascular Interventions (invasive and non-invasive), and Pain Clinic Services are amongst our therapeutic facilities at your request. With a wide and accredited academic experience and more than fifteen years of surgical excellence in the United Kingdom, Cellumed Stem Center stands at the leading edge of the private neurosurgical practice and consolidates as unchallenged pioneer in the integrated use of Stem Cell Therapy in all its treatments. We also incorporate combined techniques in the management of Cancer in the Central Nervous System (brain and spinal tumours) such as Cellular Analysis, Medical Hyperthermia and Plasma Generator, all of them with well established efficacy compared with traditional Chemo and Radiotherapy alternatives.
A solid Team with cutting-edge technolgy at your fingertips


Full Adult and Paediatric practice for Cranial, Spinal and Peripheral Nerve Surgery. Clinical assessment, advice and treatment of neurosurgical disease. Team of International Specialists with sound experience in the management of neurosurgical pathologies. Latest surgical techniques and state-of-the-art facilities combined with innovative research lines in STEM CELL THERAPY and HOLISTIC TREATMENT.

Adult Neurosurgery:

  1. Spinal: Treatment for Sciatica, back pain, neck and arm pain. Brachialgia, Myelopathy and Radiculopathy. Management of Whiplash Injury. Spondylosis, Slip disc and disc Hernia, disc replacement, spinal fusion. Degenerative disc disease. Spinal cord, Nerve root and spinal canal decompression. Spinal Tumours and Vascular Malformations. Syringomyelia. Adult Spasticity (implantation and maintenance of Baclofen Pumps).  
  2. Cranial: Brain Tumours. Neurovascular abnormalities (Arterio-Venous Malformations, Aneurysm). Brain haemorrhage (spontaneous, traumatic, vascular). Chiari Malformation, Cranio-Cervical Decompression. Brain Injury, Head Injury. Hydrocephalus (CSF diversion, Shunt).
  3. Peripheral Nerve Surgery: Median Nerve Decompression (Carpal Tunel Syndrome) Ulnar Nerve Decompression and Transposition (Painful Elbow). Inguinal Nerve Decompression (Meralgia Paraesthesica). Nerve Biopsy. Muscle Biopsy.
  4. Pain Clinic: Facial Pain. Trigeminal Neuralgia. Chronic Neuropathic Pain. Implantation and maintenance of Spinal Cord Electronic Stimulators.
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