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Resultado de imagen de nanothermiaIn Oncothermia, focused and controlled energy is directed straight to the affected tissue or organ. Oncothermia is a treatment that employs a capacitive coupled deep hyperthermia device to stimulate energy absorption by malignant cells, and the subsequent heating of tumors to temperatures that lead cells to apoptosis.
The proven benefits of this include:

  1. Chemosensitization. Oncothermia compromises the tumor cell membrane allowing higher intracellular drug concentrations. The positive results of phase II/III trials have established that Oncothermia, when combined with chemotherapy is a novel clinical modality that allows the chemotherapy to be better targeted within the heated tumor. 
  2. Radiosensitization. The addition of Oncothermia during a series of radiotherapy treatments improves relevant clinical endpoints such as response rate, local control and overall survival rates. 
  3. Oncothermia increases oxygenation, thus reducing hypoxia and amplifying the radiation cytotoxic effect. 
  4. Oncothermia also inhibits the repair of radiation damaged tumor cells. Immune System Response. Danger signals such as mobility group B1 protein, ATP and Heat Shock Proteins, which are released from treated necrotic tumor cells, stimulate the natural immune system and therefore assist the antitumor response.
  5. Gene Activation. Oncothermia activates the p53 tumor suppressor gene. Surgical Procedures. Oncothermia has applications in the postsurgical setting to treat potential rogue cells liberated via biopsy or surgery. 
  6. Therapeutic effects: Thermal damage of tumor cells Acidic poisoning of the malignant tissue Inhibition of repair mechanism Potentiation of chemo- and radiotherapy Stimulation of the immune system 
  7. Characteristics: It can be applied at the preventive level, to prevent tumor recurrence.Its main use is in deep and solid tumors evolved, but also in emerging or benign tumors cases.as metastases locally You can treat both the primary tumor. Significant gain in quality of life in the patient and progressive reduction of pain.
  8. Tumor destruction is primarily by Apoptosis (programmed natural death of tumor cells) are removed from a natural and non-toxic as the common hyperthermia.
  9. Non-invasive treatment Focuses automatically on tumor tissue Suitable for in- and outpatient treatment Painless and free of side effects Significant gain of life-quality 
  10. Indications Gynaecological malignancies (e.g. breast, ovary, cervix etc.) Malignant tumors in organs Deep seated cancer lesions (e.g. brain, liver, lung, kidney, pancreas, etc.) Lymph node metastases Gastrointestinal tumors (e. g. esophagus, colon etc.) Sarcomas, melanomas, basaliomas, etc.

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