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Nanothermia method, future´s technology, a reality for treatment cancer today in more than 30 Countries. 

Nanothermia method – temperature in nano-range“ proofs that Nanothermia method is indeed using the principles of hyperthermia and heating up the cells even better than the classical approach.
The modulated deep electro-hyperthermia system is a fast-developing supportive, complementary treatment method against different types of tumors. The principles are based on the classical method of hyperthermia, but various differences exist.: The aim, beside the absolute increase in temperature, is especially the direct electric-field energy absorption in the extracellular liquid and destroying the membrane of the cancer cells. Nanothermia's effect is synergic to radiotherapy and to numerous chemotherapies. Furthermore, it leads to an increased immunogenicity and effectively reduces the pain of the patient and the time of treatment. Nanothermia multiplies the effectiveness of chemotherapy, and when chemotherapy is not prescribed, ocotermia can work alone. Hyperthermia has been described as the "oldest identified weapon against cancer."

It has been used since at least 1989. But the Nanothermia method energy using the principle of capacitive coupling (like a condenser) of radio waves MHz, utilizes the special absorption rate of the near-membrane extracellular liquid of the tumor. Oncological hyperthermia Nanothermia, increases the temperature of the tumour up to 42 degrees, burning the tumour without damaging any other cell or organ, not even the surface of the skin.It is compatible with other oncological treatments. One of the benefits of Deep Oncological Hyperthermia on the organism: increased consumption of oxygen at cellular level, increase power of the immunologic system, vasodilatation and increase of vascular permeability.

One of the most important difference with other hypertermias: Nanothermia ´s techology  “focus the temperature” into the tumor tissue, this has lower impedance than the surrounding tissues, so most of the energy is transmitted and absorbed by the cancerous lesion. This selection of the tumour tissues (self-focusing) renders external focusing unnecessary, increase destabilizing thermal stress on the membrane of the tumour cells, leading those into “APOPTOSIS”.
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