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Cellumed High Clinic
Molecular genetics is a field that is largely unexplored and is full of potential in the field of medicine. There are certain diseases we inherit from our parents and grandparents, and it is becoming ever easier to detect them and prevent them. By means of a blood sample and filling out a questionnaire about our relatives, it is possible to predict what probabilities we may have of having diseases or that our offspring may inherit them. The key is DNA. Health is in your genes. To reach these goals Cellumed Clinic has a wide range of genetic analysis that depend on each need, geared to groups of diseases: Oncogenetic, Dentalgenetic, Skingenetic, Sportgenetic and Nutrigenetic. These tests paired with their Genetic Advice, help us to prepare for possible diseases that could arise and always following our philosophy of "try to prevent rather than cure".

Are you concerned about your genetic tendencies? Don´t wait anymore and find out your predisposition:

  1.  GENETIC DETOX  Diseases associated to heavy metals
  2. SKIN GENETICS Anti-Aging (skin health)
  3.  GENETIC ONCOLOGY  Programmes for early detection
  4.  GENETIC NUTRITION   Let your DNA indicate your perfect diet
  5.  SPORTS GENETICS  Optimise your productivity!
  6.  CARDIO GENETICS Cardiovascular disease risks
  7.  NEW  GENETIC STUDY TO DETECT NEUROGENETIC ALZHEIMER  Genetic study to detect Alzheimer´s with Neuro Genetics
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