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The benefits of sunlight are something that has been known for over 5000 years in old traditional Chinese medicine, where it was already known, since then, a special solar beam was taken given time and a day. This beam is known as the Lightning of life.
Presently, Japanese scientists have succeeded in encapsulating this mysterious ray of light in a single material, which, being in contact with the human body, provides great benefits to health. This material is known as Photon platinum, a ceramic fiber that is composed of aluminum, titanium and platinum.
Photon is said that platinum could help change the quality of life in a matter of health and beauty, as it helps the general welfare, to protect against infections and also brings a youthful and healthy look.
What is therapy ?
It is a new preventive therapeutic method, developed in Japan, which take advantage of the photoelectric properties of the solar spectrum to benefit the body, i.e. a person is exposed to a beam of sunlight with the extraordinary benefits that this has, but without its harmful rays. In this light beam is also known as Vital Lightning.

  1. The exposure to the Lightening of Life brings many benefits to humans. Doctors, researchers and therapists from around the world give the following reports:
  2. Helps cleanse the body in general.
  3. Cleans the blood and tissue depth.
  4. Regenerates tissues.
  5. Increases the concentration of calcium membrane and the cytoplasm.
  6. Reduces the peroxidation of fatty acids. (Cholesterol)
  7. Activates blood flow.
  8. Clarifies lactic acid (responsible for muscular fatigue).
  9. Strengthens immune system.
  10. Helps the body adapt to cold and heat (thermoregulatory).
  11. Help to properly nourish the cells.
  12. Improves athletic performance and reduces injuries.
  13. Placed often has anti-inflammatory effect.
  14. Reduces medium acidification and interstitial blood.
  15. Improved osteoarticular pathologies. (Gonalgia, knee pain, Raquialgia, spine pain and shoulder pain).
  16. Improved processes asthmatic children.
  17. No side effects .

How can one benefit from this new approach to health?
We can now find on the market several products such as pillows, ankle, belt, wristbands, templates, etc., prepared from this material in contact with the human body provide the benefits mentioned. These accessories are already widely used (and beginning to attract attention) in many parts of the world such as Spain, United States, France and Mexico. The therapeutic device designed to emit the beam of light waves 4 to 14 microns in length in the far infrared rays, which are essential for cell growth and maintenance of health. However, there are also new devices such as the Dome Photon Platinum, a bed where the patient is confined to lie in a sort of avant-garde chamber from which these rays are emitted healing.
How does this therapy work?
The light penetrates through the skin of the individual and reaches up to hand over the muscles and bones dissolving not only fat but accumulated toxins in the body. The Photon Platinum also helps harmonize the body's cells. Some scientific studies conducted in Japanese and European laboratories have found that the photoelectric waves of Photon Platinum blend about 60 trillion cells in the human body . Meetings repeatedly increase profits. If you want to take a meeting, you can search for a center specializing in Photon Platinum Therapy in your community. If you take this session, do not forget to drink plenty of water to help your body to release what is unnecessary.
How does the light cleanse the body?
Body is composed of a large portion of water, over 70% of the body is fluid. When water is saturated by excess organic toxins, metabolic debris, uncontrolled electromagnetic radiation, fats, etc.., Form large groups of molecules called Cluster. These molecules alter cellular metabolism and retained toxins in the body. Therapy in a photodetector, the light beam impinges on the vital Cluster, shedding cells and providing the proper assimilation of substances needed, as well as the expulsion of toxins from the body. In this way, the Photon Platinum helps strengthen the immune system, lowering blood acidity harmonizing and cellular metabolism.

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