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Cellumed High Clinic
DETOX PROGRAM: Become free of toxins If you frequently feel tired, fatigued, lack concentration, energy and motivation to do things, have difficulties going to the bathroom, have bad skin, find it hard to sleep, slow digestion and even at times feel muscular pain, it is likely your organism is giving off alarm signs that it needs a toxin cleansing. Frequently thes are signs that the body needs to be purified in order to function correctly. If you have visited your physician and a solution has not been found and you still suffer these same symptoms, why not try a simple detox plan? Cellumed Clinic offers you a Detox Program that will help you cleanse your body indepth and will help you recover energy and vitality depending on your needs. Our daily living at times keeps us from maintaining recommendable habits, environmental contamination, unhealthy foods, alcohol, stress, etc., make production of toxins in our bodies increase until they even colapse it and then we need extra help in order to eliminate this excess and recover our health, vital energy and prevent possibilities of suffering any disease. 

There are many benefits from purification, we present our DETOX PLAN: Anti-ageing, antioxidation, Detoxication: We have designed different programmes with a special offer, and you can also carry out a personalised plan that pre-determines the levels of toxins in your organism, for this it is advisable to carry out a biological study by means of a drop of blood and microscope that has 60.000 increases in order to observe your organism via cells and see the failures that are found in the organism as well as the toxicity that can be observed, with the aim of adapting a specific detox plan, including a diet that is made to order for you. 

 Programmes starting at 199€ : Non binding consultation

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