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This process consists of extracting very volatile parts from a terpene compound, extracted from an essential oil made of pine resin and peroxide, with the purpose of producing a new oxygenation catalyst prepared to be inhaled. The biocatalyst when inhaled, plays the role of a super transmitter in the cell metabolism, reinforcing cell breathing. The process is similar to photosynthesis in plants. The air we breathe (when diffused into the blood) is fixed by the haemoglobin, which serves as a means of transport through our bloodstream. But the haemoglobin only liberates its contents under certain special conditions of temperature, pH, CO2 concentrations, etc. If those conditions are altered, the haemoglobin will not be able to liberate the oxygen to the cells within the body. Free radicals, stress, emotional related tension, environmental pollution, unhealthy habits such as tobacco, alcohol, colorants and processed food, sedentary lifestyles,... among other factors can change the above conditions and impair the delivery oxygen to the cells of the body.

“As a result of the lack of oxygen in the tissues, there is a reduction in energy production and the biochemical processes of assimilation and transformation of the nutrients are not correctly completed. Debris, waste and residues will not be properly eliminated, causing gradually an intoxication in the organism.”

The brain and the rest of the central nervous system which are the major consumers of oxygen, are the first to be affected. This process of degeneration produces alarm signs such as chronic fatigue, nervousness, memory failure and the rest of all corporal functions will be gradually reduced if the present situation continues. The process of cell respiration has the following main physiological benefits after a session of 6 minutes: - 100% of improvement in blood cell circulation - 20% of free radicals are eliminated - The hepatic (liver) congestion is reduced up to a 30% - Cardiovascular stress is reduced up to a 35% It is used for chronic asphyxias, tiredness, nervousness, lack of memory, anorexia, bulimia, cardiovascular and circulatory disorders, etc. A machine for a better assimilation of the oxygen we normally breathe is the only thing needed. We can survive just a few minutes without breathing. Our body is made up of 62% oxygen and none of our cells can work without it. Oxygen is vital. It is the basis of metabolism. Our brain is the biggest oxygen user. it uses up to 10 times more oxygen than any muscle in the body. Lack of oxygen at a cellular level, even if minimal, can cause a myriad of ailments such as chronic fatigue, cell degeneration, nervousness, memory loss, heart palpitations or vascular problems, anorexia or bulimia, sexual problems, etc.

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