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This morphologic cell analysis is done by using a microscope with over 60.000 gradings, using a technique called phase contrasting, dark field and also dry blood cells, in order to access any disfunction that could arise inside the organism, treating and re-establishing the dysfunctionality in a totally personalized way. By means of this system it is possible to study the behaviour of the cells, their unbalancement and failures that foster and contribute to development of dysfunctionalities, symptoms and diseases that patients suffer. This type of information is different from any other type of blood test or conventional test. After it it is possible to recommend suitable treatment in an individual way based on those cellular failures that can be observed.

By means of Cellumed Clinic Cellular Microscopy, great success is obtained because it is an indepth analysis of cell behaviour and enables global (holistic) treatment for the patient. This technique had its initial stages developed in Spain by Dr. Severo Ochoa, Nobel Prize winner in Medicine in 1954. "Discovering the causes that favour disease and prevent future health problems. View the inner and biological status of the patient on a cellular level and correct it by means of a totally personalized treatment... By means of an analysis done of a single drop of blood, it is possible to appreciate up to 840 different parameters of different cell dysfunctionalities.

  • Differences between  conventional laboratory blood analysis

    This analysis differs from conventional blood sample analysis because the qualified analyst investigates microbe activity, the state of the cells and anomalies that are not usually requested in conventional blood tests. The blood sample we analyse suggests areas of the body that could be suffering congestion, in toxic states or with compromised functionality. Frequently the blood tests we are familiar with offer number parameters of total normality inspite of the fact that many patients complain about suffering discomfort or health problems of diverse intensities. In most cases, if analysed qualitatively (cell analysis) we can observe cell failures which together with the patients record, enable us to understand in a better way what is happening to the patient and help him or her to recover in a personalised way. It is common and striking that there is an abundance of toxic substances (many arising from chemical medication or chemotherapy itself) which do not enable nutrients to reach the cells, foster lack of oxygen and thus cellular death, as well as generating health disorders although in a quantitative analysis (traditional laboratory analysis) is normal. Therefore the main difference is that a quantitative analysis does not enable viewing the biological territory that a qualitative morphological (cellular) analysis offers by letting us view the biological territory of the person
  • Main Benefits

    Prevention of health problems with years of foresight. Prevention of congenital, degenerative and chronic diseases. Scientific methodology to discover the source of cellular failure on a biological level. Totally personalised treatment of the patient. Level of cellular degeneration. Biological age level of the patient, degree of free oxidative radicals, etc. Nutrition intolerancies, unbalancement and lacking elements in the diet. Vitamin, mineral, enzyme etc. Deficiencies. Biological study of the person. Improvement of global productivity of the person, life quality and energy levels. Detection of existing types of intoxication and their sources. Detection of infections due to microorganisms (virus, bacteria, parasites and fungi) and their relationship with health problems. Emotional state and its source. Possible organ compromise and causes, etc.
  • Treatment and follow-up recommendations

    With the aim of re-establishing biochemical balance based on the results of the cellular study and failures detected, a totally personalised treatment will be recommended in order to correct diet habits (specific diet), ortho-molecular diet, healthy lifestyle habits, biological complementary treatments, etc....

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