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Biodetoxification MS DETOX The detoxification is achieved thanks to the phenomenon called electrolysis and the generation of an electromagnetic field, both of which cause the precipitation of substances with an ionic charge, making them get dissolved in the water, on the skin or within the pores of the feet immersed in the detox bath. The numerous areas reflected in the feet or in the hands are stimulated by electromagnetic energy, with the stimuli received being then transmitted to different organs and body systems. The result is the mobilization of waste products together with the natural stimulation of the organs responsible for the drainage and elimination of all the substances harmful to our bodies. The detox uses bioenergy generated by the “array” that is submerged in the water. This, together with the capacity of the water to transmit information, the presence of the sebaceous glands, the reflex points or specific areas in the soles of our feet and the bioenergetic stream that circulates in a continuous fashion in our body, leads to the start of the reequilibration and the gradual process of improving our health.The ionic detox foot spa is a fast, effective and an inoffensive way of stimulating and balancing the bioenergetic fields of the body, facilitating better organ function and promoting auto detoxification. We are made of 70% water, the body’s fluids contain salts and these are capable of conducting electricity. So when we place out feet in an ionic footbath our body fluids are instantly connected with the water. The system has two electrodes and an electrical current is passed through them, with water becoming a conductor. The electrons flow from the negative cathode to the positive anode. Our feet have different reflex points that relate to various parts of the body, so you get a biostimulation which may restore energy and the body balance.

Clinical observation shows that the regular use of the Ionic Spa improves a great number of disorders such as: Pain. Circulation issues. Skin problems. Intoxications. Stress. Digestive disorders. Premenstrual syndrome. Tiredness. Cold, swollen extremities. Backache. Joint pain. Migraine and headaches,… With Detoxification, patients will boost their immune systems, sleep more soundly, enhance their digestion, increase mental alertness and energy levels, lose unwanted weight, eliminate heavy metals and toxin pollutants, increase concentration and feel healthier overall. 

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