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Hyperthermia treatment kills malignant cells largely via necrosis. In the process, toxins are released that can burden the immune system.Nanothermia method, on the other hand, harnesses the immune system to induce apoptotic death of malignant cells. Apoptosis pathways can be triggered and measured via ß--catenin and connexin. Apoptosis can even be retraced morphologically, although ß--catenin is the most effi cient indicator for demonstrating natural apoptotic change after 72 h (see illustration). The process of apoptosis induced by Nanothermia method treatment

Nanothermia method initiates the process of apoptosis, the programmed death of malignant cells, which can be divided into 4 different chronological phases. During the fi rst phase of apoptosis, about 1/2 hour after treatment, the cell starts to shrink; during the second phase (after about 8 hours) the nucleus condenses and cell membrane deformation starts; during the third phase (about 24 hours after treatment) the nucleus slowly begins to dissolve and fragments (apoptotic bodies) detach from the cell membrane; in the last phase of apoptosis (about 72 hours after treatment), such fragments are engulfed by phagocytes.
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