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Cellumed High Clinic
World famous Dr. Johanna Budwig was one of the best bio-chemists of Germany and one of the best researchers of cancer of all of Europe. She was a Nobel prize nominee seven times. Dr. Budwig had a success rate of over 90% in 2.200 patients that overcame cancer by being exclusively treated with her diet and protocol in the battle against all types of cancer in her patients during a 50 year period. This is the reason why in our Cellumed Clinic this is one of our most recommended diets. The response is not only to kill off the cancer, but reach the causes that have produced it. 

This diet returns healthy functionality to the cells and eliminates the inner organism environment where disease reproduces. There is a lot of disinformation (or erroneous information) in Internet about her studies as well as the correct way to carry out this diet. It goes much further beyond avoiding acid foods and taking a blend of linen seed and curd. Many patients come on a daily basis to our clinic from all over the world in order to carry out the protocols both preventive and also patients who already have cancer.

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