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  • Stem Cell Therapy and Genetic Test

  • CELL ANALYSIS, treatment in an individual way based on those cellular failures.

  • ¡We evaluate your case without any cost (2º opinion)

  • Medical and Biological Treatments

  • Aesthetic Medicine and treatments.Free Consultation

  • Nanothermia Method, advanced deep Hyperthermia

Cellumed High Clinic
 Cellumed Clinic FREE first consultation.  Do not hesitate, call +34  952 81 53 31  for  an appointmentOur doctors speak Spanish, Russian and English, we only the highest quality products and combining them with the leading brands of clinically validated skin care and cosmetic treatment products.

 Reconstructive and Plastic Surgery
 Botulinum toxin
 Growth Factors
 Stem Cell
 Alopecia Hair Regeneration
 Lifting Without Surgery
 Removing skin blemishes and tattoos.
 Non-surgical facial rejuvenation
 Correction of wrinkles and volumes

 Lip enlargement
 Intralipotherapy:Non Surgical Fat Reduction
 Peeling and radical change
 Dermatological laser
 Vein Therapy
 Photo depilation:Laser hair removal
 Facial radiofrequency
 Body radiofrequency
 Endermologie (LPG and CELLU M6)
 Silhouette Threads Face Lift
 Microdermoabrasions with Diamonds
 Anti-ageing Skin Rejuvenation (Photofacial)
 Other cosmetic treatments
 Obaggy Medical programs
 Cosmetic products

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